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Oh the Places You Go… Pensacola, Florida

I realize I haven’t posted anything in a while! Partially because we took a family vacation the other week… to Pensacola, Florida! On the drive down, we ran into rain. And the rain stuck with us for a few days. Actually a LOT of rain! Actually, the second biggest rainfall in Pensacola history!! Which brought

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Oh The Places You’ll Go… Chautauqua of Madison, IN

This past weekend, my husband and I took a trip to Madison, Indiana to check out their annual art festival – Chautauqua (which I learned is pronounced… shi-taw-gwa… or at least how my Southern accent interpreted it!). This event started in 1901, having the “Chautauqua” name since 1973. It was actually my husband’s idea to

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Oh, The Places You’ll Go… Apalachicola, Florida

My husband and I were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to take a trip to Florida the week of The Fourth to visit some family and the ocean. Along our journey from Carrabelle to Mexico Beach, with many stops in between, we did some exploring, some browsing small towns, and some soaking up some

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