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Custom Painted Vintage Skateboard

vintage skateboard with custom paint job

I have been so honored by everyone who has asked me to help with creating something special to give to someone else for a Christmas gift this year. (I have been busy!) One of the fun, and different, projects that came my way was a vintage skateboard purchased online by Terry. She had a very

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A Personal Studio Tour

studio shelving, storage idea for craft room, Cordially Creative studio

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should, if you don’t!) you saw that I’ve been re-doing my studio space. This is the space I work in: designing, illustrating, shipping orders… you name it! So it was about time that I got everything in order. We finally painted and got some great shelving for

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Illustrated Watercolor Family Portraits

Watercolor Family Illustration by Cordially Creative, Jennifer Britton

My roommate from college, Amanda, recently celebrated a birthday. I was trying to think of something special I could get her. Her being someone who: adores her cat, is a fellow designer, creates lovely and tasty salad creations and shares on her blog (link included further down!) , and gushes for the modern and minimalistic

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Nursery Mural: Jaycee Nicole

nursery mural detail

A few weeks ago I met with soon-to-be mom, Megan about painting her nursery for Jaycee Nicole. She already had the room painted a pretty pink and pale green and added a floral border around the middle of the wall. She gave me a piece of the left-over border, and I used that to match

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Paint Swatch Business Cards

Paint swatch business card by Cordially Creative

Here is a recent business card we did for Butler & Son Painting, a local business of painters and home improvers. My first thought… paint swatches! I had these printed on a double thick card stock, which came out beautifully. Check them out: These cards are now available in our online shop! Do you have

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Abigail Block Mural

I was excited when my friend from high school, Brittany, asked me to paint in the nursery for their soon-to-be-here daughter! She already had the walls painted a bright aqua blue and had the curtains hung that were full of bright pink, green and blue flowers. ( I love the non-traditional nursery colors… this is

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What I’ve Been Working On… Flag Mural

This project has been a long time in the making. Mrs. Prince contacted me almost a year ago about doing this. The rock was placed in front of their lawn when their house was being built. Soon after, it ended up with a spray-painted Snoopy figure that read “Snoop.” I guess they ran out of

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