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Maine Attractions: Hair Salon Custom Mural

Cordially Creative Maine Attractions hair salon quote mural

Yesterday I had the opportunity to fill a blank frame hanging on a grey wall inside Mane Attractions hair salon in Lewisburg, TN. Here was the before…   The owner had a cute “definition” of a hairstylist that use plays on words she wanted to fill the frame. Since the whole salon is grey, silvers

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Nursery Mural: Jaycee Nicole

nursery mural detail

A few weeks ago I met with soon-to-be mom, Megan about painting her nursery for Jaycee Nicole. She already had the room painted a pretty pink and pale green and added a floral border around the middle of the wall. She gave me a piece of the left-over border, and I used that to match

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Abigail Block Mural

I was excited when my friend from high school, Brittany, asked me to paint in the nursery for their soon-to-be-here daughter! She already had the walls painted a bright aqua blue and had the curtains hung that were full of bright pink, green and blue flowers. ( I love the non-traditional nursery colors… this is

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What I’ve Been Working On… Flag Mural

This project has been a long time in the making. Mrs. Prince contacted me almost a year ago about doing this. The rock was placed in front of their lawn when their house was being built. Soon after, it ended up with a spray-painted Snoopy figure that read “Snoop.” I guess they ran out of

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