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Christmas Photo Postcards

I thought I’d share some brand new holiday postcards… just in time for the Christmas season! Personalized Christmas Postcards (6×4 inches) are designed with your provided image(s) and a special message from you, printed on our high-quality, eco-friendly ivory linen card stock and cut with rounded corners. People love getting updated photos of you and

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Illustrated Watercolor Family Portraits

My roommate from college, Amanda, recently celebrated a birthday. I was trying to think of something special I could get her. Her being someone who: adores her cat, is a fellow designer, creates lovely and tasty salad creations and shares on her blog (link included further down!) , and gushes for the modern and minimalistic

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Watercolor Damask Wedding Invitation Set

This is a sample set I have been working on, that includes my hand-painted watercolor damask pattern. A hand-painting element adds a personal touch to any piece. This set is completely customizable to a bride’s colors, picture and custom wording. The set has different pieces, and you can pick and choose which pieces you’d like

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