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Custom House Illustrations and Pet Illustrations

My illustrated house, pet, and people portraits are drawn and painted with pencils, watercolors, and my own two hands. A whimsical portrait is a fun alternative to a photo as a special keepsake. This is a great piece to display in your own home, or a special gift, or even to celebrate a memory from

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Illustrated Watercolor Family Portraits

My roommate from college, Amanda, recently celebrated a birthday. I was trying to think of something special I could get her. Her being someone who: adores her cat, is a fellow designer, creates lovely and tasty salad creations and shares on her blog (link included further down!) , and gushes for the modern and minimalistic

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Cordially Custom Christmas Party Invitations

You may have seen the preview post for this project a little bit ago. Lauren contacted me about these custom invitations for a Christmas Open House she was hosting. Her request was as follows: “I’d like to have a birdcage on the front with a bird on it & maybe some greenery with whatever those

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