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Poems for Children, Volume 1 & 2… inside edition!

Jennifer Savage Britton childrens poetry book cover illustrations

I’m really excited about this weekend… the author of the last books I illustrated will be at Main Street Festival in Downtown Franklin at Landmark Booksellers to sell and autograph these great children’s poetry books! And she invited me to join!! So stop by this Saturday, April 28 from 2:00-5:00 and pick up your own

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Nursery Mural: Jaycee Nicole

nursery mural detail

A few weeks ago I met with soon-to-be mom, Megan about painting her nursery for Jaycee Nicole. She already had the room painted a pretty pink and pale green and added a floral border around the middle of the wall. She gave me a piece of the left-over border, and I used that to match

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Portrait: The England Children

A few months ago I was commissioned to do a portrait of the children of The England family. Their grandmother asked me to paint it so she could give to her daughter (their mom) as a Christmas gift. She snuck me the photo to reference, and I worked on, setting Christmas as a deadline. Here

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Cover Unveiling for Children’s Poetry Book! (1 of 2)

Yesterday, I sent the book we’ve been working on since June to print!! So exciting! This project started as one book of many poems for children, but has now been split into TWO books: Volume 1 & 2. We should be getting a proof in next week, and hopefully have Volume 1 to sell soon!

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What I’m Working On… poem illustrations

Many people have been inquiring about what I’ve been doing all day, tucked up in my office. Currently I’m in the process of working on fifty (yes, FIFTY) color illustrations to go along with the fifty children’s poems by author Janet Clough. Her poems are simple, fun and relatable. So that’s what I’ve been trying

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The Children’s Book – “Champ”

As some of you already know, the end of last year I had the opportunity to work with an author (Larry Hillman) on his children’s book Champ, which is the story of a little dog looking for love in the big world. A very relatable story to children, as well as adults. We started with

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What I’ve Been Working On…

It’s been a busy week around here! In the midst of working on fifty pencil illustrations for a poetry book and the production of the invitations I’ve designed, a special project was a pleasant interruption. My friend, Merissa, ¬†from college is having a baby boy and Saturday was her baby shower! She had a fabulous

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