Custom House Illustrations and Pet Illustrations

My illustrated house, pet, and people portraits are drawn and painted with pencils, watercolors, and my own two hands. A whimsical portrait is a fun alternative to a photo as a special keepsake.

This is a great piece to display in your own home, or a special gift, or even to celebrate a memory from the past!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Want your own illustration? Purchase through our Etsy shop, here:

* If you do not see Illustrated Portraits available to purchase, I may be booked up at that time! In that case, send me an email for availability.

I will need you to provide at least one clear photo for reference. Straight ahead works best. Also if you would like any specific colors or anything else (names, year, etc) included in your portrait, please let me know that as well.

Illustrated House Portraits will be created on 8×10″ heavy watercolor paper.
Pet and People Illustrated Portraits are done on 5×7″ heavy watercolor paper.

* I can also use your Portrait, once created, to make personalized stationery, upon request. Would be great for personalized, thank you, or Christmas cards!

** You do not own the rights to this illustration if you purchase, so you cannot legally copy or publish you art in any way.



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