Holiday Card Collaboration with Progress, Inc., non-profit in Nashville, TN

I was so very honored when Lily from Progress Inc. asked me to design an exclusive card for them to sell as a fundraiser this holiday season. Progress is a Nashville, TN non-profit agency which has provided daily activities and support staff to hundreds of adults with developmental disabilities for nearly 43 years.

They reached out to me after seeing some of my watercolor work online, and asked me to help with this specific project.

They mentioned a festive poinsettia, alongside some text they had in mind.

I like to send a drawing over when getting started, to make sure everyone is on the same page and happy with how it’s looking before more permanent color is added.


When they confirmed they liked the drawing  I sent over, I moved forward with the splashy watercolor look they pointed out they liked that I did on another piece…


And here is the final product!


They were so pleased with how it turned out, and excited to announce the sale on their website and Facebook page. This is what they wrote:
A beautiful watercolor poinsettia holiday card, designed just for Progress by Jennifer Britton of Cordially Creative, is a way to honor loved ones, remember clients, and take care of the hard-to-shop-for people on your list who don’t need another thing.
For a suggested donation of $10 each, a hand addressed, stamped and signed card will be sent to recipients of your choosing. Cards are available in honorariums and memorials, simply indicate your choices on your order form.” 

What a great way to honor someone and help such a great cause at the same time! To send your own exclusive Progress holiday card (and to see the inside and back!) click here.

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