A Personal Studio Tour

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should, if you don’t!) you saw that I’ve been re-doing my studio space. This is the space I work in: designing, illustrating, shipping orders… you name it! So it was about time that I got everything in order. We finally painted and got some great shelving for storage, which helps a ton! Maybe this will help everything stay less chaotic when peak season hit!

So now I’d like to welcome you to… my studio workspace! Enjoy the tour!

Hello vinyl decal, studio tour of Cordially CreativeA little, vinyl “Hello.” greets you as you come into the door. This came from a fellow Etsy seller, Tasty Suite. I think little touches are what make a space personal and special.

studio workspace for Cordially Creative, peg board for hanging craft suppliesWhen you first walk in, you’ll see the desk I use for cutting, when necessary, and preparing things to be shipped. We hung up peg board against this wall, which works great for hanging all of the supplies I use frequently. You also see a storage bin that my husband (also known as “The Pallet Guy”) made for me on our first Christmas together. He “wrapped” my gift in it! It’s also the first pallet item he ever created!! See more of his fun pallet pieces in his shop. I use this one for storing padded envelopes and such, which I try to reuse whenever possible.

Give and Take pallet storage crate, the pallet guy, repurposed, recycledI even left the tag he made on it. : )

craft room storage, peg board, coral paint, Cordially Creative studioHere you can also see your first peek at the accent color… eeeep!

vintage style scale for shipping, Cordially Creative studioAnd here is our Dymo scale, which we use for odd-sized packages. We liked this one because it has a vintage look and wasn’t digital. You can also see a snippet of our round corner cutter, and as you can see… Made in America (which we try to buy whenever possible).

vintage milk glass cup, business card holder, Cordially Creative studioAnd I always like to keep some cards handy to slip in a package, grab running out the door, etc. I thought this sweet little milk glass container was perfect for this.

studio shelving, storage idea for craft room, Cordially Creative studioAnd THERE is the coral wall! I chose to incorporate my Cordially Creative brand colors into my workspace. This coral wall is fun and young… but I think it would be overwhelming if the entire room where this color. So, as you can also see, all the other walls are painted a nice off white (Pantone Universe in ‘White Asparagus’ to be exact). You can also see the shelves I mentioned earlier. This turned out to be a great solution for storing and organizing my paper, envelopes, samples, books, and more. And the bright white looks great against the coral wall!

studio details, coral paint, wire basket, vintage books

studio storage organization shelving, dachshund dog, Cordially Creative studioAnd this is one of my favorite parts of my day. Oliver (who is a long-haired, dappled dachshund, if you were wondering) interrupts me with a squeaky top or wants to jump in my lap to get petted. He’s my little helper… more mental than physical, ha! He also appears a lot on my Instagram.

dog toys while working Oliver is also kind enough to bring me gifts throughout the day. Which also make me smile. : )

studio desk, Etsy, work space, Cordially CreativeAnd this is probably where I spend the most of my time… at my desk. Responding to emails, designing invitations and cards, updating my online shop, etc. A note pad, planner, pens, and wireless mouse help with these tasks, as well.

And here are a few of my favorite things that make sitting at a desk for long periods of time a little easier…

computer keyboard, Apply MacBook ProMy MacBook Pro. Nothing else needs to be said.

lit candle on desk Good lighting. I have a warm build in my lamp next to my computer, and I usually have a candle lit nearby. This one is ‘Vanilla Cupcake’ by Chesapeake Bay Candle, which smells just lovely. Warm light helps balance the Illumination from the computer screen. Plus, these are recommendations from my eye doctor. Gotta take care of the eye balls!

the mason bar company mason jar tall glass lid with strawSomething to drink. I received this amazing water glass as a Christmas gift from my friend, Amanda, and, seriously, have been using since then! I like to keep water at my desk. Because if it’s there, I drink it. And this The Mason Bar Company glass (another fellow Etsy seller!) is just perfect for that… especially since it has a lid, so if it tips over, it won’t be AS MUCH of a disaster.

studio space window, Cordially CreativeThe window. I love having a window to look out of while working. Although I have my blinds at least half way closed most of the day (so the light doesn’t reflect off the computer screen), it is so enjoyable to be able to look outside and hear the birds chirping in the bushes. This is why I placed my computer desk RIGHT in front of the window.

dog a day calendar 2014Fuzzy wuzzies. As you can already tell, I just adore dogs. My aunt gave me this dog-a-day calendar, so I get to enjoy a different doggie each day! Yesterday was this adorable, little corgi!

light box desk, illustration art space, Cordially Creative workspaceAnd here is where I do illustration or art work. This table from Ikea has built in light box, which is very helpful! It’s nice to have a separate space for this kind of work (which usually get transferred to the other desk to get scanned in for custom invitations!). I also keep my college diploma and ADDY Award hanging nearby for motivation and encouragement.

acrylic paintPaint, paint…

watercolors on light box table… and more paint! Although I used to use acrylics a lot, these watercolors are my number one choice of medium right now.

pallet display boards, repurposed, recycled, by Give and TakeAnd, making our way back round the room, I have some display boards, which my husband also made… specially for me! I found these orange wooden frames at a thrift store, and he attached pallet boards and twine. All I had to do was add a few clothes pins, and I have a great display board for some of my invitations! He’s so handy. : )

up cycled display boards with pallets, recycled, hand made, diy, The Pallet Guy, Give and TakeThese are also hanging by a nail, just like a picture frame, so they are super handy to grab on my way to a bridal show and work great for display there, too!

I’m really happy with all the little changes we have made to this space… which equal one big change! I’d like to thank my husband and our friend, Kane, who I couldn’t have done this without! I’d probably still be painting and putting shelves together!!

Being a naturally creative person, who knows what I’ll add to my studio.
I think that’s something I love about a space… it’s constantly changing and evolving, like ourselves, really. Hopefully for the better. : )

• • •

Thank you so much for joining me on a tour of my updated studio space!

As always, check out our shop to see what we’re creating in here!

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