Illustrated Watercolor Family Portraits

My roommate from college, Amanda, recently celebrated a birthday. I was trying to think of something special I could get her. Her being someone who: adores her cat, is a fellow designer, creates lovely and tasty salad creations and shares on her blog (link included further down!) , and gushes for the modern and minimalistic in life. I couldn’t think of anything I could buy her that I would be for sure she’d like.

She had mentioned to me many a times that she is a huge fan of my watercolor illustrations (and has always been so supportive!). So I decided to make her gift.

My idea – an illustrated and stylized family portrait including her husband and her fuzzy cat/child created with watercolors for a fun, modern take on the traditional “family portrait.”

Although I used a few different reference photos, here’s one that’s similar to the final product. A very lovely photo. But someone’s missing! …

Family picture

There he is – little Hamilton, the family kitty. I definitely had to include him!

Hamilton the cat

And here’s what I came up with…

Illustrated Family Portrait by Cordially Creative Jennifer BrittonI worked on a sturdy and nicely textured watercolor paper to prevent the “wiggles” that watercolors (or moisture in general) will do to paper.

Illustrated Family pet cat by Cordially Creative, Jennifer BrittonI added a whimsical “B” for their last initial, as well as some pink peonies for an extra personal touch… since those were used throughout their GORGEOUS summer wedding.

Illustrated Family Pet cat watercolor by Cordially Creative, Jennifer BrittonAnd here’s a close up of Amanda and Hamilton, the cat.

Watercolor Family Illustration by Cordially Creative, Jennifer BrittonAnd here it is framed. I chose a nice dark wooden, oval frame to surround their adorable family!

And I have since added this item in my online shop to give others the opportunity for me to create a custom portrait for someone special in your life! What a unique gift idea for that person who has everything!

Amanda loved her family’s portrait, which was the goal! If you’d like to check out her blog, “Salad Colors,” click here … and probably some more pictures of Hammy the cat.


Do you like the style of this, but have a different project in mind?  Feel free to contact me about custom illustrations… I’d love to help make your idea a reality!


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