Graduation Announcement Postcard

Graduation Announcement Postcard by Cordially Creative

Graduation Announcement Postcard by Cordially CreativeGraduation Announcement Postcard on Ivory Linen and White Linen Card Stock by Cordially Creative

Whether you’re wanting to announce your graduation or let people know about a graduation celebration, this post card is a great way to do just that. This Graduation Announcement Postcard, is personalized with your picture and information. It is printed on either our eco-friendly Ivory or White Linen Card stock, giving a vintage/antique style for your monumental day. The paper differences are shown in the last image.

This Graduation Announcement Postcard (6×4 inches) is designed with a picture provided by you (a horizontal picture with some negative space, either on the right or left, will work best for this format, since the information banner will be on one side, as shown). It also include the graduate’s name and graduation information, in the banner on the front, and more details on the back. I will include only what you provide. Information can be changed from what is shown. 

With this postcard design, no envelope is needed for mailing, and only requires a postcard stamp. 

One the Postcard shown, the school logo (“C”) is shown and used. I have included some other options in the fourth image if you do not have a school logo to provide. You can choose a graduation hat or paw print instead. Any other symbols you have in mind can be done, but there will be an additional design fee for the time involved in altering the design. 

*Colors can also be changed to match school! Please let me know what colors you’d like. You can send a reference photo for colors, if you have one. 

The information can be changed to include party information, if you’d like.

For more information on this Postcard, or to place an order, visit our shop.


Congratulations to all the graduates out there! 


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