‘Tis the Season! Fun photo ideas for your personalized holiday cards!

As it seems to be that time of year again, with Thanksgiving coming up, preparations for Black Friday, and the start of the Christmas season, it’s also time to be thinking about the Christmas cards you will be mailing out! When ordering a card to be customized with your family picture or name, keep in mind that it takes time to make those. So now’s the time to be getting together a picture you’d love to include on your card.

Here are some fun photo ideas I’ve come across that I think would be so fun included on a Christmas card. The point is to make the recipient smile, right?! : )

This one is great for a family with kids! Love the little peeping penguins! Photo by Crystal Harrison Photography

Here is another cute kid picture! “Silent Night!” by TBS Photography 

Another tiny tot! This idea would be great if you had a child this year… show them off! Photo by Melissa Diep Photography

This one make me laugh. Stage a scene with your kid… and so many captions could join this image on a card! From  A Little Glass Box  Blog

And if you’re like us, and your children have four legs, why not feature them?! This seems to capture the holiday spirit!!

Going for a more editorial look? Everybody grab a holiday sweater and form a snowflake! A great idea from Gap.

And for all those couples out there… 

Grab some mistletoe… and instant cuteness! Photo by Mary Beth Sudan

Highlight your love with this candy cane heart idea! Sweet!! From MeadowBrook Farm 

And these next three photos are from the same holiday-inspired shoot… I love them all!

These three adorable photos from LeFrufru

This one is great. What a fun, and definitely non-traditional, take on the holidays. But doesn’t this truly capture the spirit of what the season is all about? Looks like pure joy and content. Great take on Christmas by A Continuous Lean.

• • •

Hope you enjoyed these fun photo ideas as much as I have! Like I said, now the time to be thinking about your cards and how you will make them special to you. Here are a few of our brand new Christmas Picture Postcard Designs:

Christmas Card Postcard with pictures by Cordially Creative See more of our new Christmas picture postcard designs in our latest blog post.  

Check out our selection of Christmas cards, which can be personalized to fit you! Happy holidays! And if you don’t see anything in the shop you like, don’t hesitate to contact us about coming up with a custom design to send that perfect message!

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