Custom “Juke Box” Painting

A few moths ago, someone contacted me about painting a design he had in mind on his metal, powder-coated piece he built, just a piece that was making up something he called his “juke box” – a e stereo system he was building himself.

Here is the sketch he gave me, showing what he had in mind for the design…

And then I did a sketch, based on his sketch, what he wanted included, and a little research of antique speaker equipment. He is the sketch I gave him back. (I always like doing a sketch before beginning a project. It’s much easier to make changes at this point, than before starting the final.)

Since he liked the sketch, I moved forward to the final.

This is what I came up with for him and his “Juke Box.” (I blurred out his last name, in respect of his privacy. So if part of the gold looks odd, that is why.) This was just part of his project that he brought to my home studio to paint. And here it is after he put it all together…


I always love working on a project that I haven’t done before, which is the case here. I love a challenge!

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