You’re Cordially Invited: Caitlin and Aaron

A few months ago, Caitlin contacted me about creating her wedding invitations. She had stopped by the booth at the Maury County Parks Bridal Show earlier in the spring, stating, “I just loved your invitations!“… which is always so great to hear!

Caitlin was preparing for her and Aaron’s small outdoor wedding in May. She also told me, “I trying to go with locally found wild flowers like, clovers, dandy lions, dasies, wild violets, buttercups, daffodils. If you’re up to it use any or all of these or any other wild flowers you think will look pretty. I loved loved loved the water color look you used.

I worked on a watercolor illustration and invitation design, based on the information she passed along to me. We tried it on the brown kraft paper first, but she really wanted the flowers to pop. So we decided on the ivory linen paper instead. This still gave the vintage, outdoorsy look… and allowed everything to pop! Here is what we came up with for their big day…

We paired the invitation with a bright yellow envelope, to match the use of yellow in the buttercups, daffodils, and dandy lions.

She seemed to like them, as this was the response she gave me after seeing the final result…. “I love them so much!!! They look marvelous! I love the paper so much too! Thank you so much! The wording is good the paper is perfect everything is wonderful! I’m so excited about these! I’m floored by your creativity and wonderful tastes! Thank you so so much!” So glad she was pleased!!

Are you interested in using these invitations for your wedding or upcoming event? See it in our shop.

Like the design, but don’t need an invitation? Talk to us about custom stationery or other possibilities!

And here are some images the bride was nice enough to share with me from her big day!

I loved all of Caitlin and Aaron’s pictures from their wedding day! So country chic and shabby! I think it’s great how they incorporated nature in so many ways.

Best wishes for a long and happy marriage to Caitlin and Aaron! Thank you for sharing your day with us!

Check out our album for more Real Weddings.

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