Oh the Places You Go… Pensacola, Florida

I realize I haven’t posted anything in a while! Partially because we took a family vacation the other week… to Pensacola, Florida! On the drive down, we ran into rain. And the rain stuck with us for a few days. Actually a LOT of rain! Actually, the second biggest rainfall in Pensacola history!! Which brought on flooding! “Savage luck” as my family likes to refer to it. But we still managed to have a great time in our rented beach house, spending time together, and taking a break from work!

When I am anywhere, especially traveling to new places, I am very observant to my surroundings, and I try to soak in any inspiration I can find. Here are a few pictures from our trip that I felt inspiring…

Here are some interesting things I spotted in historic downtown Pensacola…

I really liked the style of this window decal.

And I’m always a sucker for some nicely designed packaging.

And here is some sad evidence of the flooding that had just taken place.
It’s always a humbling experience when natural disasters cause such an impact.

And here are some images from the Florida we all think of…sand and sun!

Another thing I love… carved wooden signs. I love the colors, the style and the ship illustration combined with the carved wood element for this bay-side restaurant.

And this was our lovely spot on the Santa Rosa Island in Pensacola, Florida. Ahhhh…

And here are some shells we found in that same spot! Talk about a catch!
I’m excited to see what I can do with some of these.

And here is a picture of my wonderful husband, Elijah, and myself. Toes in the water.

All photos property and copyright of Cordially Creative/Jennifer Britton.

Now that we’re rested up and relaxed… time to get back to work!! I have been working on some illustrated, watercolor maps for some upcoming weddings that I am excited to share! Stay tuned!!

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