Nursery Mural: Jaycee Nicole

A few weeks ago I met with soon-to-be mom, Megan about painting her nursery for Jaycee Nicole. She already had the room painted a pretty pink and pale green and added a floral border around the middle of the wall. She gave me a piece of the left-over border, and I used that to match paint colors and study the design.

I pulled images from the border, which was repeated in the curtain, bedding, and other pieces around the room. She also wanted the name, Jaycee Nicole, with the phrase “Your first breath, took ours away.”

And Megan provided some picture after they got all of their furniture set up…

So what do you think?? Do you think Jaycee will like it? I hope so!

If you awaiting a bundle of joy and want to create a space to welcome him or her, or have a kid that you’d like to give them a custom space, contact us for a free quote and consultation.

See more murals in our online album.

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