You’re Cordially Invited: A Personal Invite

A year ago from Sunday (10-9-10), Elijah and I said our very own “I Do’s,” marking us as husband and wife. It’s so crazy how time flies! I can’t believe it’s been a year since our wedding. It seems like just yesterday I was picking out a white dress, looking for the perfect spot, and planning away. The big day happened… and now it’s been a year! My wedding day is still the most special day of my life, and I’m so happy to share it with you!

First of all, I would like to show my very own wedding invitations. I really think this is what fueled my drive for Cordially Creative… I loved so much doing my own invitations and received so many compliments on them, I decided to help others make their days just as special to them. A wedding invitation is really a preview into your big day. It’s the first thing your guests will see from your wedding and sets the tone… so I think invitations are such an important part of a wedding.

Here’s ours…

Our invitation suite included Invitation, RSVP postcards, Map, Accommodations  & Things to Do, and Registry Info card

For our invitations, I chose to include a hand-illustrated watercolor hydrangea (which I had always known I wanted to incorporate in my wedding) and coordinating hand-drawn initials… all printed on brown kraft paper. I chose this paper since we were having an outdoor wedding in a wooded area. For the final touch, I wrapped each in a strip of lace to incorporate a different, more elegant, texture. I’m still so happy with how these turned out.

This picture shows more of the detail of the illustration on the invitation.

RSVP postcards were included in with the invitations to get a head count. Again, since the invitation sets the tone of the day, so I had fun with the wording. We wanted our day to be fun and laid back for guests, so I made the RSVP cards fun too!

Since we had a wedding that was a few hours away from what we call home, I printed a map of the area (Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee) and used the same hand-written look printed on velum and attached to the map. Step-by-step directions were printed on the backs.

We also included a page with Accommodations, with Things to Do on the back. Since it was a bit of travel for our guests, we encouraged them to stay in the park and enjoy the weekend there. We included places in and around the park to stay, as well as some activities they could do, if they wanted.

So, I feel like our guests got a good preview of what to expect at our wedding! And here are some shots from our day, captured by the amazing Chuck Arlund

The shoes! Yes, I wore flats… we WERE outside!

Our wedding programs being viewed… that means it’s wedding time!

So excited/nervous/more excited!

Here it is… the less-than-an-hour event we’ve planned for such a long time! The chairs were filled, the vows were said, and we got ourself married! We chose the spot of George Hole in Fall Creek Falls State Park, and the day was perfect… 81 degrees and sunny. God must have approved of our marriage, haha!

We decided to do unity sand versus a unity candle, to eliminate problematic wind issues with candles, also to have a keepsake of the two sand colors (a light and a dark) layered together.

This lovely arch my husband and his step-dad built for this made it that much more special.

The bouquet! Even though we had a fall wedding, I really didn’t want to use the reds, oranges, and yellows. So I used my favorite… purple! With some blues and greens and creams, etc. And here the hydrangeas from the invitation appear, making everything come together!

All of our great friends that took part in our day… looking fabulous!

There wasn’t a bakery in or around (or near) Fall Creek Falls, so I asked a friend from college who was from the area if she had any suggestions for cakes, since I didn’t think transporting a four-tiered cake for 3 hours would be the best idea. She put me in touch with Danielle Turner, who lives in the area and makes cakes as a hobby! She did such a great job!! Elijah cut a piece of wood to use as a cake stand.

I wasn’t too keen on the rented linen table cloths, since I thought they were too formal for our event. Instead, I opted for tables covered in kraft paper (again matching the invitations!), sprinkled in color-coordinated crayons for guests to write messages to us or whatever else they’d like to leave, and topped with a lace runner. Elijah and my dad made the centerpieces, which were logs sliced in half with holes drilled on top for candles. They were perfect.

Headed to the honeymoon!

The new Mr. & Mrs. Britton!

And the last things guests will get from you regarding your wedding is, hopefully, a thank you note! Slowly, thank you notes are becoming less and less sent. Maybe it’s because we’re living in a time of technology and convenience. There are so many people who help to make a wedding happen, and a thank you note is something small, that takes a few minutes to let someone know that them and their efforts are appreciated. 

Thank you for sharing in our special day! Want to see more pictures of invitations and the weddings they match? Visit our album to view more!  And, as always, if you’d like our help with a special project for you or someone else, or have any questions, contact us for a free quote!

4 comments on “You’re Cordially Invited: A Personal Invite

  1. Kathy Brannon
    October 16, 2011 at 3:25 am #

    It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding for 2 very speial people…so so glad to have been a part of it !!! 🙂

  2. apillarinthetemple
    June 10, 2014 at 3:20 am #

    So awesome! 😉

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