The Children’s Book – “Champ”

As some of you already know, the end of last year I had the opportunity to work with an author (Larry Hillman) on his children’s book Champ, which is the story of a little dog looking for love in the big world. A very relatable story to children, as well as adults.

We started with the manuscript. I was sent the author’s text, I read the story (and got very excited since it was about a dog!)…

… and, as you can see, I highlighted key words, descriptive words, marked scene changes, etc. Then I did a few sketches of what I imagined Champ looking like.

Larry liked it! From there I did a storyboard of major scenes in the story.

Then Larry picked his favorite scenes from the storyboard, and I worked from there on final illustrations! With communication between the author, we made changes as needed, to make sure his vision for the book was spot on. After months of hard work, Champ became a real-life children’s book!

And there it is… the final product! It’s amazing to see everyone’s hard work come together to make this. These are a few of the illustrations in the book, but there are more that I didn’t show here… you’ll just have to see them in person!  The book is on the reading level perfect for 8-10 year-olds. To order Champ, check out the site. OR if you live nearby, I will have a booth at the Goat Festival on October 7-8, and I will have Champ books for sell there. I’ll even throw in a complimentary autograph, if you’d like. This is a really good book, with a great message… and not just because I’m biased!!

Larry said that he wants Champ to be a series, so possibly more to come!

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