Abigail Block Mural

I was excited when my friend from high school, Brittany, asked me to paint in the nursery for their soon-to-be-here daughter! She already had the walls painted a bright aqua blue and had the curtains hung that were full of bright pink, green and blue flowers. ( I love the non-traditional nursery colors… this is something that can definitely grow with her.) Of course she had to tie the curtains up because of the adorable 8-week-old kittens that kept leaping on them while watching them being blown by the vent. They made for great company… but Brittany was the best company! We talked while I painted, and it was so great catching up! Here’s what we came up with…

Here are some close-ups to show some of the detail…

I know Brittany and Travis are excited for Abigail to get here, and I’m excited to meet her. I’m sure getting the nursery ready makes it real that baby is on the way! I hope Abigail likes her wall painting!

Want to see more murals? Check out our “Custom Murals” album
on our Facebook page!

All photos and content copyright Cordially Creative, 2011.

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