You’re Cordially Invited: Girls’ Night Out

A few weeks ago I was excited to help host a Bachelorette party/lingerie shower for my friend, Carrie, as she was preparing for her upcoming nuptials. Going a classy “little black dress route, versus the typical Bachelorette party as we know it. I was excited to design the invitations and prepare for the party… especially for a friend! Here are some moments from the evening:

We met at our house to open the gifts and enjoy snacks before heading to dinner. We had a spread of color-coordinated candies, quiches, and cucumber-fused water!

We ate at Solario in the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, which was so fantastic! Such a great atmosphere, and authentic Mexican food. PLUS… it’s in the gorgeous setting inside the Opryland Hotel!

We had a great time celebrating our soon-to-be bride! She sported the veil the entire night!!

Photos above courtesy of Ashley Cross. 

And here is more of the invitation we sent out… 

Like what you see? You can have your own Girls’ Night Out Party Kit with Invitations! Check it out on Etsy to order your own custom party kit for a special Bachelorette !



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