Oh, The Places You’ll Go… Apalachicola, Florida

My husband and I were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to take a trip to Florida the week of The Fourth to visit some family and the ocean. Along our journey from Carrabelle to Mexico Beach, with many stops in between, we did some exploring, some browsing small towns, and some soaking up some culture and UV rays. Here are some of the inspiring things I came across on our trip…


These things were found in The Grady Market in Apalachicola, Florida. Such a cute boutique with such a variety… and selection!

This soap package by Ecoya is lovely: the color scheme, the shimmer, and the WAX SEAL! I’m pretty much obsessed with wax seals.

Bee Bar packaging of small embossed tins. Perfect for a purse.

This logo for a pecan company very well done. I love how the negative space is knocked out with the product showing through.

This flip-flop hanger made my heart flutter. This little bird is precious. I noticed the hook before I did the shoes!

This was a shabby chic store display. Metal meets petals.

Multi-media bird art. Wood meets paper.


This rainbow wall of collected buoys at Tin Shed was stunning.

Of all the knickknacks and such I saw in shops, I am still convinced that the most impressive is the handy-craft of God… the ocean, the pelicans, the smell of the salty air – all hand-made by the greatest maker of all.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1


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