What I’ve Been Working On… Flag Mural

This project has been a long time in the making. Mrs. Prince contacted me almost a year ago about doing this. The rock was placed in front of their lawn when their house was being built. Soon after, it ended up with a spray-painted Snoopy figure that read “Snoop.” I guess they ran out of room for “Dog.” Tisk, tisk… that’s what you get for poor mural planning! haha! Then they painted it green, to dress up as a tree for Christmas, then white, as it was when I started painting. After meeting with her, she and her husband wanted to wait a bit.

They again contacted me this spring, ready to go! With the storming, raining, cold spurts… and more storms, I’ve been waiting for nice weather to do this. And of course, I picked a day where it was 94 DEGREES!! At least it wasn’t raining, right?!?

Needless to say, I got some sun!… which of course turned my skin beet red. Along with fighting off the UV rays, I was dodging cicadas, and, at one point, running from an angry bee. I think it was worth it though! They love their new land marker!

And surely, with an American flag, no one will have the urge to paint an amateur cartoon character over it.

You can see that this WAS NOT a flat surface! Nothing like painting on a canvas. I had to get in all the little grooves, with the goal of making it appear smooth. It was a challenge!

I also painted their house numbers on ANOTHER smaller rock next to their driveway. I love this idea!

I also put it on the other side, to be visible to traffic either way.

The have a gorgeous house, with gorgeous land. I hope they enjoy everything about their space…

Including the giant yard rock! It is giant. If you’re ever driving on Lewisburg Avenue/Franklin Road/ Hwy 431, I’m sure you’ll se it!

Want to see more murals I’ve done? View the gallery on our Facebook page!

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