Branding: Angel Beads

I am pleased to share with you the logo and business card I came up with for “Angel Beads.” Angel Beads came about when Sherry Reeder (which is my husband’s lovely and stylish grandmother) thought to use her creative pastime of making beaded jewelry to help support the mission in Kenya she and her husband are greatly involved in at their church.

Last month, Sherry had the opportunity to travel to Nairobi, Kenya in Africa to stay in the house the helped to build (financially). She also had a strong desire to show the women there how to be good women – wives, mothers, daughters, etc.

Sherry started selling her jewelry to friends to raise money for her trip, asking that when the jewelry was worn, that there would be a prayer going up for her and her group to have a safe and productive trip. (I love  jewelry that reminds you of something or makes you think of someone special when you wear it!) She still sells her jewelry to continue to support the mission work in Africa.

This is beautiful bracelet that I received from Sherry. All of my favorite colors included!

If you’re ever in northwest Florida, give Sherry a call and stop by to see her jewelry… and support the cause!

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