You’re Cordially Invited (Preview)

I am so happy to be able to be a part of my friend Carrie’s wedding this coming July 2nd. Not only am I a bridesmaid, but I am honored to be chosen to do the invitations! Since I want Carrie, and her fiance ¬†Jonathan, to be the ones to present their invitations to guests for the first time, I’m going to show a preview of what I’ve come up with for their big day. So, here it is… a preview of their wedding… preview (because that’s really what an invitation is, setting the mood for the big day!)…

The inspiration…

DAISIES! So fun for a sunny summer wedding! With this gorgeous bright blue…

the white daisies are sure to stand out and create a great setting for an afternoon, church wedding! I’m so excited to show the finished product… with some wedding pictures!

– Jennifer

One comment on “You’re Cordially Invited (Preview)

  1. Wendy
    May 1, 2011 at 10:44 pm #

    Beautiful Jen!!!! I want to see more…

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