DIY: Garden Markers

My husband and I have been discussing starting a garden this year. As I was getting groceries the other day, I decided to take the first step to making this dream a reality – I bought seeds. And top soil. After reading the seed packages, it instructed to plant the seeds and keep inside until a few inches tall, then transferring to the great outdoors. I used some miniature metal tins (leftover from our wedding) to start our seedlings. After planting them all, in identical containers, I came to the realization that I will have no idea what is what!… unless I mark them. That’s when I made these to label my baby plants while waiting to see little green sprouts.

I thought I’d share what I came up with. Feel free to download and make your own!

What you’ll need…

As well as…


Click here to download the PDF file of flags listing a variety of plants.

Print the file and cut out those that apply to your seedlings.

Fold at the line in the middle, making each side even.

Add adhesive (I used rubber cement, which helped it stick to the toothpick) to one side of the flag.

Fold the cutout flag around the toothpick, pressing the two sides together.

Add to your own starter garden!

Of course, since it is just paper, probably not a good idea to use outside or to get wet. But great for this purpose! In a few weeks, we should have some sprouts. Then transfer them outside… to have plants… then yummy, homegrown food!

Have fun… and happy planting!

– Jennifer

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